More bad than good, my ra experience so far…

      I think I’ve figured out why I never get relief from pain, I am in a constant flare state. Not good, but just another thing to contend with right? Lately Ive been seeing Ra friends having a tough time with all the bad this disease throws out, not feeling as if they can express it due to being negative. Negative expression is frowned upon by some and that makes it hard for others feeling not too peachy keen about all this shit were dealt, to hold it inside because you’re being a ‘downer’. I myself am in a not good place with all that right now, the pain and loss of mobility more often than not pisses me off. I hate what my body is doing to me & my mental health and worth. In other words dont let the happy ppl make you feel worse for not being happy living with a lifelong chronic disease! What you feel and your experience matter to all of us, having a bad time of it? Reach out as theres always others with similar feelings & most of all its OK to be real about RA, however you may feel.


One thought on “More bad than good, my ra experience so far…

  1. anet37 says:

    I’m working on a neutral attitude myself, since I have had so many years to learn odd useful things that I enjoy sharing. I’ll admit right now to having a heck of a pain in my hand after the wrist fusion.
    And I’m sure my husband is sick of cooking and all of the rest.

    It was really awful when I was in my 30s and my kids were young.
    it’s better for me now in general, both treatment wise and stress wise. I hope that things improve for you

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