Got a case of the Mondays??

Welcome to Monday, well the last bit of it anyway. I’m sure many of you can relate to those days when you know nothings going to get done. Those days for me are Mondays, it’s the 1 day of the week where I don’t schedule appointments and tasks that need to be done. For me they are just a rest day, my stay in bed day, the days I can relax & enjoy fb, twitter, pinterest etc. Because Friday is MTX day and the weekend is about getting as much done as possible while I have help, Mondays I’m toast. I think it’s important to have days where you can just decompress and just not have to worry about appointments and everything else on top of all the medications & supplements we take and managing to eat and shower too. Having a relaxing Hobby would Help too, I really need to get into something other than reading books and checking out photography :). And boy do I wish I was crafty, the things I would do knit, crochet, but I’ve tried it all and I’m just not very good at it lol. Now fishing is another story I really really hope to get out this year in summer and go fishing, it’s my favorite thing to do. Only now I need a fold up chair to sit n fish lol. I can say I enjoyed my day, got caught up on sm. Friday’s weather here is supposed to be warmer again I’m looking forward to it. Remember that February 2nd is Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Day be sure to share with family and friends, Spread the word!