Just a minute ‘Dr’…

Been away awhile, it was a week ago that an awful experience made me retreat for a bit, just to get myself back. Last Thursday I had a GP appt, she told me I needed to immediately go to ANY emergency room with my requisitions to have appendicitis ruled out. I asked her specifically if I could go to a certain facility and she said yes anywhere… even at that point I was not concerned about my appendix, I had no gastric issues, I knew my problem was mechanical in nature. Upon coming home and letting my rheum friends know what was going on a couple of them insisted I go in ASAP, ok I’ll go just to rule out appendix etc. I arranged for a ride from my sister to the NE Health Centre here, the one I specifically asked my GP about. Went in to the triage nurse and she threw my requisitions back at me and said we don’t do that here, without even looking at them. To which I replied ‘my Dr suspects I have appendicitis and you’re sending me away? ummm NO. I insisted a emerge Dr examine me anyway, of course I was coded low on the priority list so there I waited. After being taken to an exam room and taking to the intake nurse I found out my Dr has misinformed me and not listened to a word I said. I felt humiliated and I shouldn’t have, it was my Dr who screwed up, not me. Needless to say my GP’s serious lack of basic understanding of Alberta’s Health system pissed me off. After my exam by the emerge Dr, both of us agreed that it was not my appendix, and a problem I’m having with tendons, joints, muscles, He was plucking the tendon giving me all the grief like a guitar string, it hurt like hell later that night, worse than before I went in. I asked for some pain relief, asking for the Dr’s opinion on what I should take. I had given them a list of the pain killers & other meds I was on so he knew what painkillers I was taking already, still got the ‘drug seeking’ vibe from him though and I still happen to think that’s all he thought I came there for. 😦 I came home afterwards angry as hell, I’d wasted money to get home just to hear we don’t do that here and you’re OK. The pain was so bad on Feb 13th that I filled my prednisone blast pack and started taking them. It was an act of desperation on my part, and since then have been enjoying less pain, actually feeling hungry and of course all the bad pred side effects too, water retention, weight, increased HR, extra warm in my own skin and all that BS that comes with it. I know prednisone is short-term and I hate it, but the pain nearly broke me and I needed a break from it. It was a 9-10 at times 😦 . Now that I know Tendonitis is in the mix now I can tell my rheumy and hopefully get some relief. I’m also looking for a new GP, one who listens to me and has a damn clue in general, this wasn’t the first time she’s left me to twist in the wind. With my complicated health issues I’m not willing to trust her anymore. Wish me luck as I’m sure many of you know what it’s like to have a bad Dr.


2 thoughts on “Just a minute ‘Dr’…

  1. anet37 says:

    Good plan to switch GPs. Hope you have no trouble getting your records out of her hands. I hate going to emergency too.

  2. Marianna says:

    Oh, what an awful ordeal you’ve been through. It’s so important to find a GP who understands the nature of your illness. I wonder if your rheumatologist can recommend someone.

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