Rheum for improvement…

Well had my check up with the biologics nurse yesterday, good news my numbers are down and I can continue to get enbrel. Bads news, too many of my joints are still swollen and tender and my numbers may be skewed by the prednisone taper I finished yesterday. I haven’t been on enbrel too long yet, only about 9 weeks so there’s still a chance for more improvement. I want to give it enough time to work at the same time I’m a wee bit concerned. I’m being ravaged by my own body and these expensive *miracle* drugs are just not working yet. I know also that it would be a lot worse if I was on no medications (dmards & biologics) and had kept my old diet, hunger just doesn’t happen and whatever I do manage to eat should benefit me greatly and as much as possible. 30 years of bad eating fixed in a short time, that’s how much I want to save myself from pain, discomfort and the cloud of fatigue. It didn’t *fix* me though, if only it was that easily obtained right? With that I want to vent about natural supplements and anything anyone peddles as a *cure* or *treatment* if it was that easy I would have jumped on that pony and rode off into the sunset MONTHS ago. Me and my rheumies don’t want to feel like this and to offer us cures or downright miracles is sadistic and undermines what we’re coping with as a whole. We know you mean well but it downright hurts us, makes us feel like we brought this onto ourselves somehow and at the very least we should take whatever it is and be cured and done with it already.

It doesn’t work like that, you wouldn’t say anything of the sort to a cancer or Aids patient, I would hope not anyway.

Hope for us and love us, that’s what we need.


2 thoughts on “Rheum for improvement…

  1. the unleashed deb says:

    Perfectly stated about the fix and cure. I get comments like “was it something you got when you were in Mexico?” and “you need to eat healthy”. Oh my. Well, I won’t ramble on. Best of luck on the new treatment! Love your posts!

  2. Larrah says:

    I’m so sorry for this struggle and waiting on Enbrel. I just posted last night after a very long 2.5 mths of waiting on Humira to work where pain and disease was worsening. Just as I was about to throw in the towel, it stopped me right in my tracks. I pray the same happens for you and fast. The waiting sucks and takes such a toll on your body and mental state. When you encounter those that don’t get it at a time when you need support and understanding the most, its almost unbearable. Sending you love and hugs xoxo. You are a special person my friend.

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