My fibro

My feature image is a bong, I use marijuana for pain relief and to help me sleep.


Just wanted to share my experience with fibro and how it’s affecting me. Before RA I wasn’t sure what to think about fibromyalgia, it seemed vague and a label used by dr’s for we don’t know/can’t find anything. To me it was not a concrete diagnosis. Fast forward to after my RA dx and the strange things my body now has a problem with, before fibro when I showered I could scrub my skin like a madwoman, I enjoyed it and well it got the dead skin off good. Now, when I shower I have to be careful because scrubbing like that HURTS LIKE HELL! Even when I’m careful my skin burns at being touched, it’s awful. One other thing I enjoyed immensely was having my back scratched, now more than 30 seconds kills me and my skin is on fire for half an hour afterwards. I am hypersensitive to touch, pain is amplified and fatigue on top of fatigue. Another major problem I’ve encountered is the famous ‘fibro fog’, I space out on the regular and get confused far too easily. I try very hard to not get mad at myself during these blank moments, because now I know it’s fibro.

I may not blog as much as the weather moves to spring/summer, I love being outside as soon as the weather permits and will often get distracted by it. It’s a wonderful thing 🙂