It was worth it.

Today’s Wednesday the 20th first day of spring, you wouldn’t think spring was anywhere close to here, see pic lol. Anyhoo’s on Monday I stepped outside and into a pick-up truck, first road trip in yrs, 1.5 hrs each way, a small trip compared to what I use to go for. I enjoyed the countryside and listening to the radio, what was not so enjoyable was the pain I felt after sitting for an hour. After RA sitting for any length of time leaves me stiff and in pain, but it was worth it. The sunshine and fresh country air invigorated me, like it always has and made the discomfort a price I was willing to pay. In fact Monday involved 2 road trips and it was a late night for me getting home at 10:30pm. I was exhausted, sore but refreshed in a way (I’m a country person at heart) if it wasn’t for rheumatoid Id be living in a rural setting. Many dr visits and my lack of mobility make that dream unrealistic now, just something else I’ve lost. I can get out of the city now regularly so it takes the sting out a bit. I’m paying for my fun excursion now, but it was worth it.

First Day of Spring in Canada, typical lol


2 thoughts on “It was worth it.

  1. mkupl79 says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂 The things that those blessed with good health take for granted… I hope you are refreshed and feeling less pain from your excursion and ready for more. In northeastern Pennsylvania, we like to hang on to winter a bit longer, too! I have mixed feelings about that…as a fellow RA sufferer, it sucks. As someone with lupus, being further away from the sun as long as I can is fine by me lol

    • racanuck says:

      I love sunshine so much, one of my meds makes me blister up if I sit in the sun for long. Its aggravating, but I wont give up everything for a unwelcome disease. When I remember things I use to do easily it makes me glad I was able to do them then, glad I was a wildchild lol

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