Oh my aching _____

My knees are giving me grief lately, walking is tough as bending them feels weird. It feels like a tensor bandage is wrapped around my knee (left) and I can’t fully bend or extend it. Right knee is joining in on the party too, ugh. I will say that Rheumatoid is about as predictable as Alberta weather, which is not very. Not being able to walk properly is pissing me off big time and I’ve found that car trips over an hour leave nothing left for the rest of the day. When you can do very little to begin with, anything else just makes it 10x harder to deal with. This year I’ll be looking into a scooter or chair of some kind, to see what features and how much it will cost so I can save up. The frustration of all this makes me angry alot of the time, when RA isin’t chewing on my body I’m usually a happy camper, full of shit and a jokester. Now I just do the best I can and smile even though I’m feeling like crap.


One thought on “Oh my aching _____

  1. The weather in New Brunswick is not much better. It rained and snowed today. Snow didn’t accumulate to anything as it’s warm to stay, but still. Hope your knee feels better soon. RA is a cruel mistress!

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