Havn’t written in a while, have been trying to get a hold of the pain & fatigue. lately I could sleep all day if I wanted to, even though I know it’s a bad idea and I make myself get up at some point. Its been like this for three days now, no idea why I could sleep the day away so easily. The non stop pain I do understand, I can see the changes in my hand, the shape of my knuckles & fingers that are askew, most of my other joints are affected as well. Having your bones eaten away from the inside would cause significant amounts of pain I would think. And I know. A few weeks ago I was in the er in extreme pain, to my relief it wasnt appendicitis and I didn’t need to be cut open immune suppressed and all. Did come to find out it was tendonitis, you know the injuries athletes get? You don’t need to be an athlete to get tendonitis, us rheumies get to partake in pain usually known to hardcore athletes. It’s not really fair Is It, consIderIng most of us can’t get around that well and If we do we end up paying for It later, I really wish I could move like that. I also got that well-known look from the er doctor when I asked for pain relief :(. I’ve come to find out that tendonitis is very painful and I only had it in the one tendon at the time in the hip area and I thought my hip had popped out! Since then I’ve had tendonitis in a few tendons in my legs and when I have it I can’t keep my leg straight, can’t bend them without pain and I end up having to move them even though it hurts because it hurts not moving them. I hope that makes sense. My biggest concern for the moment is pain relief, I will have to look for a more compassionate Dr to listen to me. Here in my province Alberta a new generic Oxycontin extended release tablets have been approved for coverage, the extended release form is to help prevent abuse of this drug, also making it more difficult to abuse. I have no intentions of abusing and extended release tablets are fine with me, this was also put in place to make it easier for people who need it for legitimate pain relief. Hoping my next visit is productive pain wise 🙂


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  1. Tendonitis was once my worst enemy. I had tendonitis about 3 years ago and I was at the peak of playing golf that time… It was really painful and frustrating. I didn’t want to be painkiller dependent for all my life so I tried to find other ways to cure myself. The first few years was depressing. I have gone through a lot of medications and physical tests but they didn’t give me any signs of being tendonitis-free, so I tried finding more. My tennis coach told me to have a stem cell therapy, which I did with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr Purita. Although it took me almost 6 months to recover from the treatment, I can say that it was the only treatment that gave me good results. My tendons went back to normal and I never experienced any problems with them again. I hope that I was able to inspire you and others too. I wish you well!

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