May days

Well its been one heck of a week. My Enbrel was picked up (not by me), but the box wasn’t examined and when I went to grab one to warm up on friday, well, I was not a happy camper. My pharmacy gave me the ‘sureclick’ pens instead of the syringes. Now when I first started enbrel I thought sure! Those will be convenient. Then I actually used them… extremely painful and nerve jarring explains it pretty well. I asked my pharmacy to NEVER order those for me again. They caused extreme panic and anxiety and were very hard to take, the ‘bang’ they make is only the beginning. The auto injector takes maybe 10 seconds to inject what feels like ACID into your skin, it’s very hard to ‘warm them up’ and you cannot pinch the skin to gather up some cushy fat to lessen the pain. With the syringes I can warm them up easily in my hand and I can take as much time needed to push it in, usually at least 30 seconds so I can handle the burn better. Most of all they DO NOT bruise me for a month, I experience bad tissue damage & bruising if my body is abused in any way. I’ve noticed this inability to heal for some time now and watch any bruising I get cautiously, I’m terrified of a bruise necrocising. That brings on other problems I’d like to bloody well avoid. I cannot return or exchange the box of pens so Im in for a month of panic attacks or being bedridden because the fear of the pain/damage overwhelms me. I gave this pharmacy enough chances, they’ve lost my rx’s before and the only decent pharmacist left. Time to refill the xanex and change pharmacies.

It’s about time I no longer need to babysit the ‘professionals’


One thought on “May days

  1. anet37 says:

    You’d think that they would be able to get that right. It’s only their job!
    I, too like the syringe better

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