What the midnight?

Here I am sore as fuck, tired blah blah and can’t sleep. All I want to do is sleep but can’t, what a clusterf***. Going to tell Dr sleep is not happening even with meds, painkillers. I hate this, I hate RA and all autoimmune disease, to know that many suffer with this shit makes it even harder to be ok with it. I’ve lost a total of 53lbs from NOT EATING, and RA meds. I wish I could say it was a fun healthy way to lose weight, but I’m really missing enjoying food, it was one thing I loved, tastey food! And I had the girth to show it, strange thing is I was healthier when I was heavier, more active too. That was before RA hit hard, now I weigh less but do much less around the home, makes sense right? Like everything else along with RA it does not, people are usually impressed by weight loss but I don’t recommend this way of weight loss. It’s friggen awful to waste away, it’s not pleasant.


2 thoughts on “What the midnight?

  1. the unleashed deb says:

    I do believe we are actually the same person living in a parallel universe. 🙂 I know the struggle. I battle it day by day too. Hang in there!

  2. racanuck says:

    Thanks Deb, we do our best 🙂

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