Today I was told by a medical professional (not my rheumy, go figure) about baseline pain and truthfully I was not happy about it. MD explained it as such, that what I’m feeling right now and possibly forever, is my baseline mark for pain. Meaning pain, pain and more pain. If I didn’t take tramadol or naproxen I’d be extremely miserable with pain, that I may flare and feel even WORSE. Sometimes those 2 are not enough and I still experience break through pain and currently the RA forecast is tendonitis with a good chance of random joint pain. The appointment left me feeling discouraged and beaten, I don’t want to be in pain for the rest of my life, however long that may be. MD  mentioned a pain clinic and I cringed, I am very unwilling to give up my mmj, to be substituted by narcotics. That may not sound good but sometimes the mmj bridges me over a really bad time and I can escape the current reality of RA leaving its scar on me. I’ll go to the clinic and talk to them there just to see if they can offer me anything, but I think it’s ridiculous that I have to make a special appointment JUST for the pain.

I spend too much time wishing I was somewhere else other than my body.


2 thoughts on “Baselines

  1. mkupl79 says:

    I love how other people (I don’t care if they’re doctors or not) can tell us our pain levels. What is this baseline bullshit? Ridiculous! If these doctors had to deal with our pain for an hour with no pain meds, they’d be screaming for mercy within the first half hour. Bastards.

    • racanuck says:

      I agree, my rheumy never shared that baseline info with me. If he had been honest, I would’ve been able to put him on the spot. I don’t want to hurt forever, it seems a lot to ask. 😦

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