Big kids.

Ahhh September, back to school days, I can go shopping during the day in peace now. Funny thing is both my kids (20&21)are taking college level courses, my son is starting his welding career (his 2nd ticket, hes already earned 1) and my daughter is moving onto her 2nd yr towards her red seal in culinary arts. I suspect when she has mastered that she will learn something else, the same goes for my son, once he gets too good at it, it begins to bore him. My daughter passed her road test the 2nd time around, she was so flustered at her first attempt, a murphys law scenario to be sure. She lost some confidence but got it back quickly and is now a licensed driver. I can’t express how happy and proud they make me, they’re my sunshine, completely. Now to get my sunny boy motovated to be licensed, he lives on his own & pays for his schooling. I have no complaints really. My girl is off for 3 weeks on Monday to Burnaby, B.C I’ll miss her.

I love you both, keep yourselves safe