One helluva week I’ve had, for the most part brutal. First a nuclear class meltdown, then winning 2 giveaways in twelve hours? I’m the kind of person who likes to plan in advance and maintain a certain level of dullness to my life. Rheumatoid arthritis shot that all to hell, one rude awakening I’ll say. It seems shit gets thrown at me at a faster pace now and I’m much less equipped to deal with it mentally. The cognitive dysfunction the RA and/or meds causes is disturbing, I can be writing out a sentence and forget the last half of it by the time I get there. I get up to do something but forget what that was three steps later. This loss really pisses me off, my friends and family could tell you all about the sharp wit I use to have. It’s gone now and my world is so much crazier, I sure miss it. Sarcasm helped me get by a lot.

Winning two giveaways was just bizarre, but I’ll take it. Dentist appt last week, I love having to go 3x a year now because of AI disease, not. Nothing personal about the dentist, I’d just prefer to keep warm in bed that week. Probably going to hear I need a crown on one of my teeth too, not something I’m keen on experiencing. Freezing or burning up is on this weeks fun symptom list, it’s either one or the other, no happy medium anywhere. I’ve had it before so im not alarmed.

I’ve been trying to lose weight, not that it’s necessarily tough for a rheumie to do (prednisone/lyrica users exempt) I have no appetite and have more trouble remembering to eat. Medications have altered how food tastes to me, only fruit tastes like its supposed to while taking mtx. I guess that’s a good thing, can’t keep fruit around long in this house me and my daughter make sure of that.

I live with Severe Depression, if my posts are raw, brutal and poorly written you can bet I’m having a tough time at that moment. Bare with me while I work through them please :).


One thought on “Derp!

  1. mkupl79 says:

    Congrats on your winnings! I’m sorry about how you’re feeling, thinking about not having a sharp mind like you used to. I can definitely relate. I’m usually covered in Post-It notes by the end of the day. I still think you’re witty and funny. You’re right about the fruit thing, too! LOL
    You are always in my prayers ❤

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