August quickie…

It truly hurts to know or hear of anyone suffering. There are hundreds of processes in the human body that need to work ‘just right’ for humans to be mobile, think, rest, heal, you name it. If you really think about it, its miraculous so many people are upright and moving. Screw with any of these natural processes and it can throw you off course and into the abyss. I miss abilities healthy people take for granted, I am adhd and hyper (before I got RA). These feelings still exist but I have to ignore them, its torture. My inherent self wants to be moving, all the time. I miss the motion of life and feeling like I could do it all, but that’s not possible anymore. A big part of me wants to boot people who can move but just sit stagnant in the ass just for being lazy.

Appreciate what you can do, kick the arse of folks who can, but don’t do. I’d gladly take your mobility.


One thought on “August quickie…

  1. mkupl79 says:

    You really honestly just took the thoughts out of my head. I think I may have said once that I’m a prisoner in my own body; we’re workers, and we’re active. We aren’t used to sitting by and watching others do the things we were once able to do, OR the lazy people NOT doing what we would love to do in their place. Believe me, I’m surrounded by people who can but choose not to work. Their excuses: I don’t speak English. I have 5 kids and no babysitter (except on weekends when they want to party), etc etc waaaah waaah. I would LOVE to have their working bodies and jump back into my nursing career! How can they stand sitting around all day doing nothing and being broke. Shit, I’m depressed looking at them LOL

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